Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of users' use of the platform

The E2 platform is subject to the laws in each of the countries providing your services and your place of residence, and complies with all applicable regulations.

New rules and conditions are provided by us and will be implemented after the user agrees and approves (by registering as a user) and also if necessary, the rules and regulations can be amended by us and certainly make any changes to the user. Before its implementation date.


The user agrees that:

 1- Using the platform services (registration-purchase-sale, etc.) means that the user has fully read, understood, and accepted the rules, and otherwise, they can’t use the site facilities.

2. The platform reserves the right to change the provisions of this agreement at any time by notifying the users.

3- All transactions made by the user are considered correct. Therefore, they are responsible for the protection of their accounts, password, or other information and it is necessary to pay attention to the damages caused by committing violations or financial crimes.

4- Crypto currency transactions should be done with awareness and investigation, and the user is responsible for the uninformed loss from the purchase of crypto currencies.

5- In case of an accident such as suspension of services due to the illegal action of users or third parties, or errors in services, we will resolve the problem and resume the provision of services. At this time you can submit a recovery request based on trading records. But we cant make up for the losses and losses caused by this time lag.

6- In case of damage to the platform, due to illegal activities of the user, the platform can claim it according to the law. Therefore, you must use our services in accordance with the rules and regulations.

7- After announcing the changes in the framework of the agreement and notifying the user in order to accept the changes after 7 days from the effective date of the mentioned changes, and the user does not react, the amendment agreement approved by you will be assumed. If the user does not agree with the recent agreement, it will be possible for the user to unsubscribe separately.

8. Items not covered by this Agreement shall be governed by the laws and regulations of your country of residence or by rules notified by us.


Account management

The steps for the account creation process are as follows:

A - Enter details including email and password

B. The user agrees to this agreement

D- Completing the registration process

C- Confirmation of user details by the platform

An account is required to use the services of the E2 platform, and the user is obliged to use the account created by entering the correct information, in which case the user should not use the information of others or violate the relevant rules and regulations.


Do not approve the account

In the following cases, we can cancel the account creation and delete the account:

1- If the user has not reached the legal age (18 years old) or you do not have sufficient legal qualifications (unless with the intervention of a special guardian or legal guardian)

2- Trying to create an account by providing the personal information of others by the user, such as name or e-mail address

3- Failure to enter the necessary information or entering incorrect information when creating an account by the user

 4- In case of non-compliance with other rules and regulations by you or taking actions contrary to the standards announced by the platform.


Account Management 

1- Your account should only be used by you. If your information changes after registration, you must immediately update the new information in the account information and wait for the site to be approved as soon as possible.

2- We will not be liable for damages resulting from non-correction of information or damage resulting from unauthorized use of the account by another person who has stolen your password.


Use of services

In order to provide better services, we may send you notices regarding the use of the services, including various types of information, or we may send them directly to your e-mail or mobile phone.

In the event of a system error in the use of services, including applications, we can delete the incorrect information caused by the error and apply the real information.


How to use services and important items

A. We may temporarily or permanently prevent you from using the Services in connection with your breach of the Terms.

B- In case the user loses his login information for the system, in order to restore the information to him, the information that is in our discretion will be taken and if the information is confirmed, the person will be accessed and in case of complete authentication Access will not be restored.

C- If you do not log in for a long time to use certain services, we may ask you for other information to be able to use the services. Especially if you have not used your account for 6 months or more. 


The user agrees that:

1- The source and destination of all crypto currencies in the site transactions are completely legal and in accordance with international laws and the country of your residence.

2- The legal owner of the funds and accounts that he has used in each order in any way, either for payment or for receipt.

3- The information entered by the user during the order or registration on the site will be completely protected and will not be provided to any third party except by letter from the judicial authorities or a written request from the police of your residence.

4. The E2 platform reserves the right to request user authentication information prior to acceptance. However, membership will not be possible until full authentication has taken place.

The authentication process includes collecting information from my user, including a fixed contact number - address - national card with its image - national code and bank information.

These actions will not violate his privacy and will not be presented to any third party

The decision on whether the authentication is successful or not will be at the sole discretion of the platform, and the E2 platform may or may not accept an authentication at its discretion.

Transactions made by the platform during the execution of orders are non-refundable and are subject to the system rules of each digital currency related to the transaction.

5- user have to entered the necessary information carefully during the order and all responsibility for entering the wrong information during the order is with him and the platform does not accept any responsibility for the order which has wrong information and has caused damage to the user. .

6. The E2 platform is solely responsible for moving the amount specified in the transaction (purchase order) and has no other responsibility.

7- Service fee will be received at the specified rate, as shown in the order and transaction section.

8- Any commission - commission and other costs that the banking system adds to the user to transfer money, will be the responsibility of the user and the platform does not have such costs.

9. E2 Platform is not responsible for any delays or unsuccessful transactions due to defects or problems or repairs to the digital currency system or the receiving bank.

10. The rights of each user to use the site is his own and the responsibility of each user to use his username and password will be the sole responsibility of the user. He is also responsible for all transactions made from his account.

11. Any tax consequences resulting from the transactions of users will be borne by them and the platform has no responsibility.

12- Except for the correct execution of the order according to the specified and transparent price and the specified and transparent commission according to the above contract, there should be no claim from the site and the managers - employees - and all those related to this site.

Important points regarding E2 platform trading services include the following.

You need to be aware of these and follow them:

13. The trading services of the platform act as an intermediary between the users and we do not guarantee the value or repayment of the virtual money in any way and also the responsibility of the economic benefits resulting from the transaction with the virtual currency will be on the user. The virtual money market price that we sometimes announce may temporarily not match the actual price due to technical constraints such as system error or environmental asymmetry program, internal and external communication space constraints. Of course, we do our best to eliminate this price difference.

14. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the user's personal information that we have. As soon as it is ascertained that it is not correct, we will be obliged to stop the relevant user from using trading services and we will take reciprocal action.

15. We will not be liable for damages resulting from the theft of your account by a third party.

16- The minimum volume of transactions in the platform is 100 thousand Tomans and the transaction will not be registered below that.

17. The first request to withdraw the currency code will be possible 24 hours after the first purchase. Obviously, this restriction only applies to the first request and there will be no restriction after that.

18. In case of account suspension, you have done the initial research on the account and you are obliged to cooperate fully with us.

19. In case of account suspension, you can’t deposit or deposit Rials and you can’t use your wallet.

20. You will receive Rial money according to the amount of cash in your account Rial wallet.

21. You can always receive cash equivalent to your Rials in your account wallet. Which will depend on our determination. Of course, we will not be obliged to pay the relevant interest for the Rials in your Rials e-wallet.

22. We can prohibit the exchange of Rials in the following conditions, and of course we will inform you of the prohibition and the reason for it.

A- If a written request is submitted to the courts and institutions in this regard.

B- If the amount of exchange is very high.

C- If the user has committed a crime or is suspected of embezzling proceeds from the crime scene.

D- In other cases, if it is deemed necessary to restrict the use of payment services in accordance with our operating policy.

6- Other cases

6/1- We do not assume any obligation or guarantee for the specific matters remaining silent in this agreement in terms of providing services within the limits of the law. In addition, we will not have any liability for products or the value of the virtual currency that we have not issued or transferred and that we have not guaranteed payment.

6/2- If the service has a problem due to your action.

6/3- Damages caused by the process of entering the services and using it

6/4- Damages caused by illegal access of the third party to the server and its illegal use

6/5- Losses caused by the transfer and release of malware by a third party

6/6- Losses due to third party use of services, damages due to circumvention, deletion or destruction of submitted information.

6/7- Losses due to failure in communication services by the service provider. Especially in cases where the provider of communication services, if there is a legal relationship between us and the users, causes us to be unable to provide services and is uncontrollable. Losses due to coercive measures such as war, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters and national emergencies Losses due to specific features of virtual money. Especially cases that cause defects or technical limitations in the management system. In providing services by us.

6/8- In case the servers are cut off or become inaccessible for providing services

6/9- Other damages due to reasons that are not due to our actions or actions.

6/10- We can stop providing services or terminate all or part of this agreement if the information provided by you does not correspond to reality. In the event of a loss, we can recover the damage from your account.

6/11- If you cause damages from us due to the damages under this article, we can provide it through virtual money in Rials in your e-wallet, which belongs to you, even if you do not agree with it.

6/12- In case of damage to us resulting from illegal activities. You can exercise your right to claim damages against you by law. Therefore, it is necessary to use the services within the framework of laws and regulations.

You do not need authentication to sell your currency to us.


The purchase and sale fee is 0.25% with each transaction amount.


You need to authenticate to buy from us, which you can do by referring to the user panel section.

🕕 Buy and sell: 9 to 18

🕒 Authentication support: 9-17

🕛 Support for other matters: 9 to 15 and 17 to 24


These hours are local time in the country where you live.


If you give your account and bank account to someone else, the legal consequences (imprisonment and rejection of property) are your responsibility. In case of any problem, including money laundering and rejection of property, the consequences of this will be on you.


Our collection will not provide any services to users of gambling and betting sites, and if we find out about this, your account will be blocked and its assets will be handed over to the legal authorities of the country where you live.

If the user has a partner request to buy and sell on the platform, after confirmation must also accept the following rules:


1- Having a good reputation in the field of buying and selling

2- Confirmation of the identity of the owner of the exchange license (channel or site) by the owners of older and valid exchange offices

3- Having a volume of sales of at least 3 thousand dollars per day

4- Ability to buy and sell for customers authenticated by the E2 platform

5- Accepting payment of 72 Tomans commission for purchase and 33 Tomans commission for sale of each Tetra or 0.2% of each transaction with E2 platform customers

6- Not appearing in channels or copy and similar projects

7- Failure to display fake prices to get a check or delay in providing the service (payment and settlement) to the platform user (in case of viewing or reporting a document, he will be warned twice, the first time causing a 24-hour suspension, the second time 48 The suspension will be removed a third time without notice from the platform and the contract amount will not be refunded.

If there is a serious mistake in the numbering for buying or selling, for example, adding or subtracting the number zero (a number of zero or more) that is report by the user or partner, the transaction will be invalid and until Return of the wrong transaction will not be possible to withdraw, and if necessary, the platform has the right to terminate the transaction and return it to the user before the wrong transaction.