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E2 is a platform for everyone

The E2 platform first started its work in September 2019 with the Telegram channel to organize the price difference between exchange offices and introduce reputable collections in the field of buying and selling.

This platform will be a new generation of exchange offices that users can do their buying and selling with dozens of reputable exchange offices once they have authenticated on the platform.

The E2 platform has not only not been a competitor by providing a local market for reputable exchanges, but has also taken a big step in providing services and facilities to users and exchanges.

This platform will be available first as a pilot for citizens and business owners in Iran and then for Sweden, Turkey, UAE, UK and other countries.

You no longer have to pay design and development costs to set up your own exchange. Start your business directly and locally with the E2 platform.

The World's first Defi platform exchange

With the E2 platform, choose the best price of USDT, BTC & ETH at the moment, from exchanges, for your purchase or sale.