Bitcoin Back Above $19,000

The Dow, the main U.S. stock market index, is in the red, sitting just below its record highs. Last week, it surpassed the 30,000 mark for the first time in its century-long history. 

Meanwhile, gold has accelerated its four-month-long sell-off, plunging to $1,764 earlier today. Nov. 30 is going to have a special place in Bitcoin’s history as day Bitcoin surpassed the height of the great cryptocurrency craze of late December 2017, defying a plethora of skeptics who have likened the flagship cryptocurrency to the most infamous financial bubbles. This is something that Dutch tulips never managed to do.

The flagship cryptocurrency has been in rally mode ever since early October, with PayPal’s crypto embrace and bullish comments from Wall Street legends adding more fuel to the Bitcoin rocket.